When the radiologist delivered my breast cancer diagnosis, I asked, “What should I expect?” As a cancer survivor himself, he replied with an all-knowing look in his eyes:

“The mental challenge
of this fight will be so much harder than
the physical challenge is.”
Wow. For real.

I apologize for being absent so long. 🙂 Nausea, pain, and being “out of it” for days on end. It has all definitely gotten to me – mentally. I do not have words for how thankful I am for your cards and messages. They definitely keep me going. It’s crazy how easy it is to lose sight of the big picture. Walking to the mailbox – YOU – have been giving me something to look forward to every day. Well – that, and (forgive me) NCIS reruns. 😉

So. Enough about that. I have news.

Remember how I’m doing “Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy”? (Ya know – chemo before surgery, in order to shrink the tumors and assist in getting a larger “clean” margin?) Well, I had an ultrasound on March 31, just after Chemo #3, to get an updated measurement and see if the “shrinking” is happening. Here’s what they got:

Baseline measurements (January 6):     57mm x 35mm x 52mm

Updated measurements (March 31):    28mm x 45mm x 43mm

>>>  THE CHEMO IS WORKING.  <<<   🙂
(I was concerned that the middle measurement got bigger, but, the radiologist assured me it’s common to see.) In addition to the overall decrease in size, the ultrasound showed that the mass is also a little bit less dense than it was before. I think that’s pretty darn good for having only three chemo treatments under my belt at the time. Now, with my 4th one down, and 29 more treatments to go, I can’t imagine anything but more and more progress. This Thursday, April 16, I start getting them weekly – keep your fingers crossed for great things.  😉

Other than that fabulous news, the only other news is head-shaving party that we had a couple of weeks ago. 😛

I miss you all so much…I promise to check in again soon. 😉 ♥ Until then…I leave you with something my life coach told me on Friday…


“You’re gonna fall plenty of times throughout your life.  Just make sure that when you fall, you fall facing up.”

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